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Ladies and G’s, I am proud to announce, the international, intersteller domination of Israel Baseball continues.  Our Juvenile National Team (12-and-under) finished in 2nd place this weekend in the Tuscony Series in Italy, losing a close game, 7-6, in the finals.

the Juvenile Israel National Team in Italy (photo by Yitzy Roseman)

The Juvenile Israel National Team in Italy (photo by Yitzy Roseman)

The gentleman in the back row, center, is Head Coach, David Schenker.  And this post is about him.  But first, before we get to David, before we get to the important stuff, we must talk about, well, me, of course, the King of All Jewish Baseball, and my continued acclimatization to the blazing beauty of my new home, the Middle Earth– I mean, East.

I continue to live in a world of doubt.  The only thing I am certain of is that I am doing at least one thing wrong at all times.  I don’t know what menus say, which…

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  1. Appears that you’ve certainly established yourself! I agree with David that you should have won! I guess your head coach was able to learn from you guys to bring about the Israeli team’s win in the Macchabiah Games.

    July 26, 2013 at 11:35 am

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