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World Series Teams

Today is a bit of an interesting day in the MLB world as the Rangers won there 12th straight game 7-0 against the Angels giving the Rangers more insurance in there division lead, as the Angels are 5.0 games behind Texas . The Phillies rallied to win over the Cubs 4-2. The Phils are only 3.5 games ahead of the Braves. These are the teams I will pick to do the best in each league this year. I think the Phillies will win the World Series, but the Rangers will be the runner-ups,like last year to the giants. My reasons for saying this is:1. The Phillies pitching staff is great. Evan though there closer, Brad Lidge is hurt they still have the best rotation in almost twenty years! 2.They have a power hitter in Ryan Howard,but other than him and Raul Ibanez,the Phils have speed all around,especially with Michael Martinez and Shane Victorino.

1.The Rangers’ key to success is POWER . There power hitters are: Josh Hamilton,Nelson Cruz,Mitch Moreland,Ian Kinsler, and Mike Napoli.

2.There defense shines most when Elvis Andrus makes on off-balance throw to nail a runner.

3.There starting rotation is made up of consistent pitchers:C.J. Wilson,Alexei Ogando,Matt Harrison,Derek Holland,and Colby Lewis.

I think these teams will both make the World Series because they mesh very well.


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