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Clutch situations

This year I think that  there is more clutch situations than ever before. The simple way the coaches say is take at least one deep breath.It works a bit,whether you’re the batter or the pitcher,but what you need (Its worked for me well)is to think about what will be good,and how you will feel after,if you get a walk-off win,everyone  on your team will hug you,give you a high five, and smile at you.Everyone likes that,so that will make you have a boost of energy go into to help you swing.But don’t swing as if you were to kill them,take a hard swing,but still don’t move your head,so you can see the ball the whole time.

It seems to be that pitchers are starting to escape jams a lot,sometimes because of  a method like this.

One of  the games yesterday,Rays vs. Yankees,had a lot of escaping jams by the Yankees that led to their 4-0 win.


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