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D-backs biggest story in baseball?

The Arizona Diamondbacks’  success might be the biggest story in baseball right now.

They were predicted by Sports Illustrated For Kids magazine  to be in third place in their division.

They are now in first place against the World champion Giants.There lead is by a huge 7.0 games.

Today they defeated the Rockies  while Geoff Blum,the infielder played a big role going 3-5.

According to Manager Kirk Gibson, Blum will be used every day now.

Now known as the best or second-best team in the NL, the snakes will probably face the Phillies in the postseason if they continue to succeed like this.All the team chemistry that is working might be mostly because of two breakout players,Ian Kennedy and Justin Upton.They were both All- Stars.I think that they will help the D-Backs go a long way.


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  1. Tiby Eilen

    Great analysis!! You have such an impressive understanding!

    September 9, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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