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Free Agent Hitters New Teams

Prince Fielder:I like to see him go to the cubs because of two reasons,They have a new manager Dale Sveum,and he and Prince Fielder want to reunite.Also,the Cubs are the club probably the most interested in him.

Albert Pujols: He will go to one of these three teams:Marlins,Rangers,or Cardinals.No team has much interest in him yet,so it’s pretty much up for grabs.

Jose Reyes:He is almost definetly going to one of these 3 teams:Marlins,Giants,and Cardinals.

All of these players were offered arbitration,but will obviously decline. They are all looking for at least a 4 or5 year deal. I see as I said in a previous blog of mine,the Marlins will have a great off-season because they have interest in so many big names. Albert Pujols and Jose Reyes will probably only get 3 or 4 year contract because Pujols is getting old,and Reyes gets hurt a lot. I also the cubs having a good off-season because their new staff is willing to get many new good players.

This off-season with hitters will definetly be exciting.


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