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Yankees pitching options

The New York Yankees didn’t make a deep play-off run because of one reason: They had terrible pitching.

They need a lot of good pitching to be  a good team. Here are their biggest options:Mark Buehrle,C.J. Wilson,and Yu Darvish.

The Yanks’ announced that they wouldn’t spend what Wilson wants,so I think he is probably out of the picture. Mark Buehrle is a great fit for the Yankees. He doesn’t ask for big money,he is very consistent, and is a solid number 2 or 3 starter.I think he as a big chance to go to the Bronx.Yu Darvish is a little unheard of,but it looks like the Yankees show lots of interest in him. If they sign him,they can see how he does in Spring Training. If he is good,he could be a number 2 to 4 starter. I think there’s a good possibility that they will sign Darvish.

I think their biggest chance of signing is Mark Buehrle.


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