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AL East Predictions:

Here are my thoughts on how the AL East race will turn out:*

1st New York Yankees: The Yankees will,as usual,have an amazing season. If they can sign another good pitcher, their only problem will be fixed. All they need to do is improve pitching.

2nd Tampa Bay Rays: The Rays will have a great season for one reason:Pitching. Their pitching rotation is one of the best in the game,led by James Shields. Their problem is that they don’t have enough big bats.

3rd Boston Red Sox: This one is tough. They slightly edge out the Blue Jays because they have good hitting. Like the Yankees the Sox need to improve pitching;and a little hitting and defense.

4th Toronto Blue Jays: They made be one of the most improved teams in the Major Leagues. They have a big problem. They are in the toughest division in the game. If the Blue Jays improve a little in all their categories, the could go to the postseason in a year or two.

5th Baltimore Orioles: The Orioles will be again a bad,rundown team. But,they are slightly improving over the years. They need all their major categories greatly improved. They must bring up their top prospect, Manny Machado to have less than 65 wins.

There will be a tough,fun division race next season.

*Due to additional free agent signings, predictions may not be fully accurate.


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