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Red Sox Next Season:

The Red Sox had a very dreadful end of their last season. They were expected to be the best team last season. But that was changed in the last two months of the season. This season their acquisitions might help them go to the playoffs this year. Here are the problems that the Sox fixed that may bring the postseason:

Closer: After losing  Jonathan Papelbon, the Sox made an amazing move to trade for one of the best young closer,Andrew Bailey. He is a great fit for the team. He is also pretty good in pressure situations, just what the Red Sox need.

Right Fielder: In the trade for Bailey,the Red Sox solved their Right Fielder problem in getting Ryan Sweeney. He may not be a power hitter,but he is an okay contact hitter and a great defensive-men.

Shortstop depth: The Red Sox needed more depth at Shortstop. Marco Scutaro definetly needs help. The Red Sox like Sweeney, got a quality light hitting,good defensively guy.

Bullpen Help: Right before getting Bailey, the Red Sox thought that Mark Melancon might be their closer. Their idea got changed. Melancon will be in the bullpen for middle relief,such as setting up the closer in the 7th or 8th innings. He had a solid season last year  going 8-4 with 20 saves.

Expect these changes to help Boston to the Wild Card.



One response

  1. Tiby Eilen

    The Red Sox were definitely disappointing.
    I hope they read your blog for encouragement.

    January 6, 2012 at 12:35 pm

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