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Where is Youk Headed?

The New York Yankees recently found out that Alex Rodriguez has torn his hip and that he will miss most of the 2013 season. The Yankees quickly responded and approached Kevin Youkilis with a big 12 million dollar deal for one year of playing (If he’s worth that is another story). Soon after the Cleveland  Indians offered a 2-year 18 million deal.

I think that Youk will go with the Indians because he was offered a 2 year deal, maybe less money, but it is quieter and more fit for Youkilis. On the other hand, like I said before, it is a few less million dollars and Kevin would probably like to be on a winning team and I think if he joins, they could be a good contending team with a possible deep playoff run.

I think the decision will surprise me both ways and the signing will be done in a matter of days.




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