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Biggest pitching battles for spring training and predictions.

 Seeing as the default pitching rotation size is 5 men, I’m pretty sure the New York Yankees will be sticking to that rule this year.

There are 3 pitchers who all have significant chances to make the rotation. Then there is another 3 pitchers who are locks in the rotation. There is no doubt that CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, or Andy Pettitte will easily make the starting staff (unless there is an injury). Then there is Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, and David Phelps. Phelps is a young pitcher who came in to the Major Leagues last year mostly as a relief pitcher. I think that the Yankees should put in Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes, but that the team will put in David Phelps and Phil Hughes.

Putting Phelps in the rotation I believe, is a risky move. I also believe that the media is giving way too much credit to him. I think in a few years he will be able to blossom into a great player, but now I feel is a little too early for him to be able to have a giant role on the team.

 Putting Phelps in the bullpen and seeing how he does, while examining how Nova and Hughes operate in the rotation, and possibly removing one of the to put in Andy Phelps if they are not pitching well sounds to me like the best possible way to go.


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