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Game #7

We played our 7th game of the season against Sass Video. They came in at 6-0, and were the only team to beat us. We were 5-1, good for 2nd in the league. They also had the best pitcher in the league, with Chaim Kesselman. He limited us to only 3 hits last time we faced him.

We got 3 runs on an awesome 3-run homer by who else but Tzvi Haber. But Sass got a run on a bases-loaded-walk, but after not scoring more. We replaced me at pitcher, by my twin, Eitan. He quickly allowed a bases-clearing triple, which made them go ahead 4-3. The game went finally into the last inning which in the top of the frame, we allowed 3 runs, letting them lead 7-6. We finished the inning without allowing  more, but we were in trouble because we had our bottom of the order up for our last licks. We got the bases loaded and I was up. I grounded it to 3rd slowly, and the runner on third scored sliding after the catcher dropped the ball on a high throw. We won 8-7.



One response

  1. Tiby Lapkin

    How exciting!! What an amazing victory!!

    May 21, 2013 at 4:28 pm

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