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Yankees and Coming Back!

I’m so sorry for my lack of writing for such a long time, but I am happy to announce that I am coming back to blogging and covering the Yankees!

So here we go…

The New York Yankees are currently 1 1/5 games behind the Toronto Blue Jays for the AL East Division lead, and 4 games ahead for the first AL Wild Card spot, and this is with 30 games left in the regular season. So when we look at the playoff chances, we are talking about almost a sure spot at the Wild Card, and a reasonable chance at the Division title. Baseball Prospectus has the Yankees at 98 percent chance of making the playoffs, and that’s with 30.2 percent for the division. The fact that the Yanks have been playing so well has contributed to these percentages. The Bombers have won 5 of their last 6 games, but haven’t been able to catch the Blue Jays after they have won 8 of their last 10 and been playing amazing since the Trade Deadline, where they made a few key acquisitions which should boost them strongly into the playoffs, with one of the best offenses in baseball. All the rest of the teams in the East aren’t realistically in the picture anymore with the best after the Yankees being the Tampa Bay Rays with a mere  7.7 percent for the playoffs, and the Orioles and Red Sox both at less than 1 percent.The very interesting thing about this race, other than the fact that its so neck and neck, is that the Blue Jays and Yankees have the top two offenses in runs scored in the majors!

Other than the offense, which has been carrying the Yankees all season long, a couple of young faces have appeared in the Yankees rotation, which have quietly helped the club greatly. Those names are Nathan Eovaldi and Luis Severino. Eovaldi currently has the best winning percentage for all MLB starters with .875 winning percentage. That has come partially because of the run support he gets, but he definitely has been a great surprise. Severino, or “Sevy”, the rookie who came up pretty recently, has had an outstanding 2.19 ERA, and a strikeout per inning. He is young and can carry a good, young Yankees rotation into the playoffs.


Yankees for the Wild Card

The New York Yankees currently stand “only” 3 games out of the American League Wild Card race. The are behind the Angels, Mariners, Kansas City, and Baltimore.  In the division, they are in third place, 2.5 games behind Baltimore and Toronto, who both have been having huge seasons.

 If you look what’s to blame the Yankees squad to pretty much fall apart in the past couple of weeks, you could come up with a lot of theories. The pitching, for the most part, has held up until then even after losing 3/5 of the rotation members, CC Sabathia, Ivan Nova and Michael Pineda, but it’s pretty hard for them to win all those games with a very inexperienced staff. 4/5 of the pitchers are rookies who never had a job as a starting pitcher. 

 As far as the offense, it hasn’t been terrible, but after losing big hitters such as Robinson Cano and Curtis Granderson, regular All-Stars, it isn’t so fun to have them replace by Brian Roberts and Jacoby Ellsbury. Also catcher Brian McCann, who was supposed to have a great season, is aging terribly. This has so far been his worst first half of a season. It didn’t either help to have Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran on the DL.


So after the Yankees have gone 3-7 in their last 10 and lost 3 straight games, I still definitely believe in them to make a strong run for the playoffs, and I think it will happen by the end of the season, which by then the Bombers should be able to pick up their playing level.  

Yankees Postseason Chances

 The Yankees are 2.5 games behind the Orioles and Rays for first place in the AL East. They are 26-22 with a .542 winning percentage, good for third in the East. Their 5 game winning streak was stopped last night after a walk-off solo home run in the bottom of the ninth. Before that streak, the Yanks were tied for last place and had a 3 game losing streak, not to mention at .500 winning percent going 21-21.

I think the Yankees are playing hot and dealing with their injuries well, replacing all of them without any flaws in it. No doubt about it, the AL East is easily the best division in baseball, seeing that every team in it is .500 through at least 48 games. The Yankees have an insanely hard road to get to the playoffs playing through Baltimore and Tampa Bay. Both teams have a winning percent of about .600. The Yankees have 114 more games to the season, and their players are really gonna have to show that they mean business. As for pitching, the Yankees rotation’s top winner in C.C. Sabathia, only has 6 games won. If you are a Yankee fan, and you are a true Yankee fan, you can’t count on any of the Yankee starters to win except Sabathia and slightly Ivan Nova. But remember, their bullpen is almost lights-out. They have Boone Logan, Rafael Soriano, and Cory Wade as just their top 3 relievers right now.


 I think in the end the Yankees will probably win the wild-card, but they need to play hard and win. 

A-Rod coming into power

 Before yesterday, Alex Rodriguez had 5 home runs and 15 RBIs, and not a homer since May 6. His OBP  was .369. He changed that after going 2-4, blasting 2 home runs, and driving in 3.He brought his average up 5 points and his OBP up a minor 3 points. They may be small, but it just is starting to show you that Alex is starting to hit. The second you saw those balls fly off his bat last night, you knew they were gone. He creamed both of them over the fence, the first a two run homer to left field, and the second was a solo shot to left-center field. Now he has 7 homers and 18 RBIs.

 Just watch and see as this is the start of his comeback year.